Kim Covert: Family VetCare Veterinarian

Kim Covert, veterinarian at Family Vet Care in Mesa, photographed at Family Vet Care by Nicki Escudero

Kim Covert, veterinarian at Family VetCare in Mesa, and Chico Hombre, photographed at Family VetCare by Nicki Escudero

Kim Covert

If you have pets, you know they’re like family members. They bring us joy, they comfort us when we’re sad, and they’re always there to hang out whenever you need a positive influence. One local lady making sure our furry friends stay healthy and happy is Kim Covert, a high school valedictorian who works at Family VetCare in Mesa. When she’s not treating patients, she’s hanging out with two pooches of her own. Read on for where her love for animals comes from, and to listen to five reasons the 29-year-old Arizona native and Tempe resident still loves calling the Valley her home.

What brought you to Arizona?

I am an Arizona native and have always loved it here. While growing up, my family made the most of all the fun activities Arizona has to offer. We waterskied, camped, and hiked all over the state. I did spend four years for veterinary school in Washington, but decided to come back to Arizona to practice. I have a wonderful family that lives here and have had the chance to start my career here, as well. Continue reading