Sadie Such: Owner of Sadie Such Photography and Films

Sadie Such

Sadie Such has been able to combine two of her biggest passions — photography/videography and helping people — with a really cool layer: traveling around the globe. The 23-year-old Phoenix resident, who has owned Sadie Such Photography and Films for the past 3 years, also goes on volunteer mission trips to places such as Central America and West Africa. Such, who has a degree in film production from the Film School at Scottsdale Community College (and played tennis there), has worked with organizations including PhotogenX to document social injustice around the globe, as well as teach photography and video skills. She’ll be headed to Zambia in June and has ideas for films of her own, and she talked about what drives her passion. Keep reading to hear five reasons why Such loves living in the Valley, too.

What brought you to Arizona?

I was born and raised in Phoenix. Probably about 4 years ago, I started traveling internationally and living in different states, but I always ended up back here because my family is here. Continue reading