Eddie Johnson: Phoenix Suns Announcer for Fox Sports Arizona

Eddie Johnson

Eddie Johnson brings a unique insider’s view to his role as a Phoenix Suns announcer for Fox Sports Arizona — from 1987-1990, he played with the Suns, and has been calling their games for the past 14 years. The 54-year-old Paradise Valley resident and 17-year NBA veteran is also a motivational speaker, basketball journalist for HoopsHype.com, and author of the book, You Big Dummy: An Athlete’s “SIMPLE” Guide to a Successful Career!, which he says offers words of wisdom and inspiration for readers to follow their dreams.

He offered up his insight on the Suns’ season, as well as why he loves living in the Valley in a video, below.

What brought you to Arizona?

I was almost forced to come here because I was traded from (the) Sacramento (Kings) to Phoenix, but I wasn’t forced to make it my home. I decided to make it my home after being traded here and playing for the Suns. I came to the Suns in 1987 and got traded from Phoenix to (the) Seattle (Supersonics) in ’90. (My wife and I) still had a house here in Phoenix, and we upgraded and bought another house here while I was in Seattle. Continue reading

Al McCoy: Phoenix Suns Announcer, Arizona Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame Inductee

Al McCoy, Phoenix Suns announcer, photographed at US Airways Center, by Nicki Escudero

Al McCoy, Phoenix Suns announcer, photographed at US Airways Center, by Nicki Escudero

Al McCoy

Al McCoy is one of the Valley’s biggest legends. The Phoenix Suns radio play-by-play announcer has been calling Suns games for 42 years as the longest-tenured announcer in the NBA. The Arizona Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame inductee never misses a beat on the court while amusing listeners with his colorful commentary — including his unforgettable catchphrases, such as “Shazam!” (Learn all about the origins of his most popular exclamations here.)

Fans can get excited: the 80-year-old Glendale resident and Williams, Iowa native has absolutely no plans to retire. Listen to him on KTAR (620 AM) and KMVP (98.7 FM), and read on for his impression of this year’s team, as well as to learn about his favorite jazz musicians — McCoy is a talented piano player himself. McCoy also shares his five favorite reasons for living in the Valley — scroll down to watch the video.

What brought you to Arizona?

I came to Phoenix in 1958 to do minor league baseball when the major leagues had realigned. The New York Giants had moved to San Francisco, the Brooklyn Dodgers had moved from Brooklyn to LA, and the Giants moved their number one farm team from Minneapolis to Phoenix. I was working in Buffalo, New York at the time, and I came out here to do minor league baseball. I worked for what was then KOOL radio and KOOL television. Continue reading