Andrea Weck-Robertson: Scottsdale Autism Philanthropist for Lexie’s Law

Andrea Weck-Robertson, photographed at the Scottsdale Waterfront by Nicki Escudero

Andrea Weck-Robertson, photographed at the Scottsdale Waterfront, by Nicki Escudero

Andrea Weck-Robertson

Having an autistic child is a challenge, but Scottsdale resident Andrea Weck-Robertson has turned her experiences with her daughter Lexie into groundbreaking gains in the Arizona educational system. Lexie’s Law, signed in 2009, is named after her daughter and allows corporations to get dollar-for-dollar tax credits when donating money for scholarships for children with autism, which helps keep school choice alive for parents wishing to send their special needs kids to private schools with more specialized training and one-on-one attention. Keep reading for how Lexie’s Law came about and to hear five reasons why Weck-Robertson, 40, plans on staying in the Valley.

What brought you to Arizona?

I’m a native, born in Mesa and raised in Tempe. I went to McClintock High School and Mesa Community College, and I bought a beauty salon with my family. I worked there for 16 years and retired to have my children. The salon just had its 23rd year — it’s called Champs Salon in Tempe. I was an aesthetician by trade in skincare, and I was also a nail technician. My father had a beauty salon growing up, and I went in as a high school senior to beauty school. Continue reading