Danielle Kamela: Fox Sports Arizona Girl

Danielle Kamela

If you love Arizona sports, you’ve probably seen Danielle Kamela on the court, field or screen. She’s danced for the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns and is now a Fox Sports Arizona Girl, connecting the fans to all four major Arizona teams through social media updates and charity work. The 25-year-old Scottsdale resident and native can also be seen in local commercials and print ads, as she is also¬†an actor and model represented by The Agency Arizona. Catch her on Fox Sports Arizona, and keep scrolling to hear five reasons why she’s glad to say she’s Arizona born and raised.

What brought you to Arizona?

I’m proud to say I’m a native. I was born and raised here in Scottsdale and went to Chaparral High School, then to Arizona State University. At ASU, I majored in communications and tourism. Aside from my love and passion for sports, I love to travel and enjoy experiencing new places and learning about different cultures. It was great to be able to combine my interests in communications and broadcasting and travel here in my hometown.

How did you become a dancer with the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals?

In high school, I ran track and did cheer. Before then, I was a competitive gymnast and diver, so I had a basic foundation and some rhythm to work with. When I went to college, I didn’t want a lot of extracurriculars because I was so busy in high school, but after awhile, I really missed performing and entertaining. I decided to audition for the Arizona Cardinals cheer team, not only because I loved dance and cheer, but because I always wanted to be a sports broadcaster and work in the sports industry.

It was an incredible experience. Football is my favorite sport, and when I was on the team, we had the opportunity to cheer at the Super Bowl that season. It was Super Bowl 43, where we played against the (Pittsburgh) Steelers. I’ll always cherish those memories — it was an unforgettable experience. Not many people can get to say they’ve done that, and it was special for me to represent the organization and the state of Arizona.

I also danced with the Suns for a season. It’s really cool to go from a field to an arena with a basketball court. There are still lots of people, but you’re a lot closer to the fans, and I’d say it’s a lot more intimate.

The style of dance in the NFL compared to the NBA is totally different. It’s a lot more technical in the NBA. I decided to audition for the Suns because I wanted a different experience and to continue doing what I love, performing.

What’s your first memory of wanting to be professionally involved in sports?

I grew up in a family with three younger brothers, so I was definitely a tomboy. All my sports memories are from when I was a kid, from playing soccer or basketball, to swimming and volleyball. I was very fortunate to have parents who gave us the opportunity to play and pushed us to play sports.

Aside from that, our family would always watch college football games at home. I would always watch the female broadcasters and knew it’s what I wanted to do. All of our Arizona teams are my favorite because I grew up here.

How did you become a Fox Sports Arizona Girl?

When I was dancing with the Suns, I did some camera work for them. Fox Sports Arizona was auditioning girls for the position and had seen some of the work I did for the Suns, and gave me the opportunity to audition, which I am so grateful for. I work with two other girls, Mallory and Sarah.

We’re the fans’ connection to Fox Sports Arizona. We have our social media accounts we connect with and talk to fans on. We keep fans updated on all our local sports teams and keep them informed on what’s going on with FOX Sports Arizona. We also enjoy the support of the best companies, for which we provided excellent discounts on medicines, including generic cialis. If you watch our network, you can see us doing on-air promos in-between games. We also help out with a lot of different events and do charity work, which we really enjoy. It’s an awesome job, and to be able to work in sports like I have always wanted is a dream for me.

Why are sports important?

They teach you to work hard and to be mentally tough, to be focused and determined. Even if you’re someone who’s not able to take it to that pro level, they help you grow as a person.

What are your goals?

My goals are to stay within sports and grow within that as much as possible. It’s my passion. I grew up aspiring to be a sports broadcaster, and that desire will never fade. With my acting and other projects I do on the side, I’d like to learn as much as possible and perfect my craft. I would also like to start my own business.

Who’s your favorite Arizona athlete of all-time?

Pat Tillman. I admire him and his sacrifice he made for our country. He’s a true hero.

Who’s your favorite Arizona athlete who’s currently playing?

Channing Frye (Phoenix Suns center and power forward.) He always has such a positive outlook on life. He’s a really nice and genuine person.

What advice do you have for someone who would want to become involved with pro sports?

Internships are really important. You should take every opportunity to learn about the craft and what you want to do. Anything you can do to expand your knowledge and connections is important.

What makeup tips do you have for those who are modeling or who will be on camera?

Definitely go with an HD foundation. If you’re on camera, you don’t want to be oily, and that takes care of it. I like Make Up For Ever and Smashboxx for foundation. I also love MAC makeup for eyeshadow, lips and blush.

For on-camera work, you have to spruce it up. Fake eyelashes are great. As for clothes, finding something that is figure-flattering is important. Don’t wear anything too busy. I like solid colors, but it depends on what you’re going to be doing.

What audition tips do you have?

Honestly, it’s a learning experience. It’s all trial and error. If you know what you’re auditioning for, learn about it. If you have a script in advance, be prepared. If you’re prepared the most you can be, what do you have to worry about?

What tips do you have for women auditioning to be a sports dancer?

You have to get ready body-wise at least two months in advance. Working out and researching your teams is important. You’ll most likely be asked about the team in the interviews, such as who your favorite player is or who the president of the team is, so preparation is key.

It’s also important to figure out the look of the team and fit into that mold. Things like makeup, wardrobe and tanning are also important.

Is there anything about the pro athlete world that stands out to you?

Depending on who the pro athlete is, people might be surprised to find out they’re down-to-earth people. I think people tend to think because of their status, or how much money they make, that wouldn’t be the case, but a lot of them are friendly and humble.

Another thing I appreciate is how hard they work and what they put their bodies through on a day-to-day basis.

Lastly, they do so much charity work, even if it’s just donating money. Any time someone can help people who are less fortunate or spread awareness about an important cause, it’s admirable.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

I like to spend my time outdoors. I hike and go to different local events and sports games. I enjoy traveling. I like working out. I also like checking out new movies and going to concerts. I’m a foodie, and some of my favorite places are The Mission, (Mastro’s) Ocean Club and True Food.

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