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Welcome to Phoenix People! My name is Nicki Escudero, and as a Phoenix-area native, I know there are so many ways to enjoy life in the Valley, from eating at delicious restaurants, to watching innovative theatrical productions, to checking out the latest in nightlife and bar trends. But beyond the diverse ways to make the most out of desert life, the reason why I love living in the Phoenix area the most is because of the phenomenal people who inhabit the Valley.

It’s been really wonderful to be surrounded by such intelligent, caring and creative artists, performers and business people who contribute positively to our community constantly in so many ways. Phoenix People is an outlet to spotlight whomever is a cool person who devotes their time to making a unique mark on living in Phoenix — whether they get on stage weekly to make people laugh, or get fans cheering as a professional athlete. Here you’ll get to know some of the people who I’m fascinated by, and I hope you’ll find them interesting, too.

I currently work as a freelance writer, creating blogs, content and marketing copy for clients around the globe. To get in touch, e-mail me at nicki.escudero@gmail.com.

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